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Davmac Kennels | Breeding top quaility purebred Mini Foxies & Jack Russell Terriers near Bathurst NSW Australia

Davmac Kennels | Breeding top quaility purebred Mini Foxies & Jack Russell Terriers near Bathurst NSW Australia

   Davmac Mini Foxies

We are small kennel & we have been breeding purebred registered
Mini Foxies for over 30 years on our country property near Bathurst, Central West, NSW.

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Davmac Mini Foxies is located on our country property just out of Bathurst in Central West NSW.

At Davmac Mini Foxies we have been successfully breeding & showing top quality purebred Mini Foxies for over 30 years.

We purchased our first Mini Foxie Candy (pictured right) in 1990. Sadly she passed away in 2005 at the age of 15.

                  Cindy of DavmacCindy of Davmac


We where amazed by this little breed (then known as the Miniature Fox Terrier), today the breed is known as the Mini Foxie.

The loyalty, intelligence, bravery, personality & lovable nature of this little breed of dog is just incredible.

We have had a great passion for this little dog ever since.


We purchased our first Jack Russell Terrier in 1999 & successfully bred & showed them for many years also. All our JR's are now retired from breeding.

As with the Mini Foxie we also have had great passion for the Jack Russell Terrier.

Over the years our Kennels have slowly grown & we have fantastic long established breeding lines. All our dogs are & always will be a very special part of our family.

                      Davmac Bonny Davmac Bonny


            Davmac Crystal & Davmac NelsonRegistered Mini Foxies

All our dogs have good strong bloodlines and we take great care with our breeding programs thus ensuring that we produce top quality puppies with great presence, temperaments, personalities and soundness.

 We have been genetically testing for PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) in our Mini Foxies & all our bloodlines thus far have tested clear of the disease.  http://www.aht.org.uk/cms-display/genetics_pll.html

All our breeding bitches & stud dogs are fully vet checked. All our Mini Foxies are adult registered with the Mini Foxie club of Australia before they are bred from to ensure that they are 100% heathly & sound thus insuring healthy sound puppies.

We take great pride & care in that we don't start breeding from our Mini Foxie bitches until they are at least 18 months to two years of age.
This allows them enough time to grow & mature before they have the responsibility of having to raise puppies of their own. We only then bred from each of our girls once a year to allow them time be to well rested.

As for our older dogs they are very dear to our heart & we would never part with any of them so they live a very relaxed & easy life on our property with the family.


                                       Davmac KatieDavmac Katie



              Dacmac Max              max.jpg

 All our Mini Foxie adults are housed in very large grassed yards where they have plenty of room to run & play in their natural environment. They are housed in pairs so they all have a play mate & don't have time to be bored. Each yard has a enclosed shed with an enclosed & lined kennel with staw bedding in which they snuggle up in together.

 Our puppy nursery is a large enclosed room off our house with large windows for good natural light and ventilation plus all the walls and ceiling are insolated. There is also a reverse cycle air conditioner and heater to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.   

The puppies have access through a doggy door to large yards that extend outside to grassed areas where our Mini Foxie puppies have loads of room to run & play safely.


    Merrimans Prankster & Davmac Lizzy               Davmac Mini Foxie puppies
 Registered Jack Russell Terriers Davmac Mini Foxie puppies
                          Davmac Jacob Davmac Jacob                                                Davmac Dallas Davmac Dallas
    Davmac Spike (Jack Russell puppy) Davmac Spike    Davmac Lincoln (Mini Foxie puppy) Registered Mini Foxie puppy
                  Davmac Kayla img_4642.jpg                   Davmac Mini Foxie Puppies Davmac Buster, Sophie & Jack
                          Bekmar Bess img_2118.jpg  
                          Davmac Angus img_8450.jpg
                    Davmac Jessie      Davmac Troy (Jack Russell puppy)
Davmac Jessie
Registered Jack Russell
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All photos and information on this site remain the property of Davmac Kennels. And are not to be used for any purpose without express permission  from Davmac Kennels.
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