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About Us | Davmac Kennels | Have, Dog, Dogs, Puppies, Photo

About Us | Davmac Kennels | Have, Dog, Dogs, Puppies, Photo

About Us

                           Davmac Mini Foxies 
                           Above Photo some of our guys enjoying playing at the dam
 Cindy & Katie Christmas 08copy_of_2008_1225_xmas37.jpg   Jacob, Jade, Lizzie & Misty at Luddenham Show 2008copy_of_2008_0210minifoxiesluddenham385.jpg
 Jacob, Bobbie & Misty at Luddenham Show 20082008_0210minifoxiesluddenham0311v2.jpg   Jacob & Jade Luddenham Show 08copy_of_2008_0210minifoxiesluddenham329.jpg
 Braeview Saphyre Luddenham Show         2007_0218luddenhamshow0367

            Tige & Candy 1996



Photo on left  Lure Coursing day with Davmac Cindy, Davmac Patch & Davmac Katie

We love to take our dogs to many different events including shows & fun days which include dog racing. All our dogs enjoy their outings as do we.
           Davmac Katie
 Davmac Cindy 2007_02043dog89


                   Above Photo some of our guys enjoying playing at the dam


Having grown up on my parents rural property in Central West, NSW I have been around dogs all my life. My parents bred Australian Cattle Dogs & Kelpies for many years, we also did a lot of showing all over NSW.

So I have always had dogs in my life. When I lost my old Kelpie to old age I decided that I would purchase a new puppy as I was lost without having a dog by my side. As my parents where no longer breeding I thought it would be nice to look at a smaller breed of dog. I had seen a few Mini Foxies at different times on farms & thought they where a lovely hardy & tuff little dog . I was lucky enough to find a fellow locally who had been breeding Mini Foxies for many years & I bought my first beautiful female puppy from him & called her Candy.

I was hooked on this amazing little Australian breed of dog from then on. Over the years my husband & I have worked very hard to develop & establish our breeding kennels & we are very happy & proud what what we have achieved. 

* My husband also grow up always having a dog by his side also & had a beautiful red Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog for 15 years sadly Tige pass away with cancer in 1999.

*Our puppies are bred for presence, temperament, soundness and personality.

*They are raised on our country property in a very clean, healthy environment, with lots of space for them to grow and play safely.

*All our puppies are very well socialized making them happy, friendly, out going.

* All our Mini Foxies have been genetically tested for PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) a horrable eye disease & all our lines have tested clear of the disease which means all our puppies will be born clear by parentage. 


*All puppies are wormed at 2, 4, and 6 & 8 weeks of age & have a full vet check at between 6 to 7 weeks of age & are vaccinated & micro chipped.

*We have puppies suitable for showing, breeding and or family pets.


*Champion bloodlines.

*We breed black & white,  tan & white and tri colour (black/tan/white). 

* We also bred natural bobtails.

*We are members of The Mini Foxie Club of Australia. 

*Transport can arranged prices vary depending on your location.

*Genuine inquiries always welcome.  

Photo; Our property










Photo; Our big dam where all our dogs love to go swimming.