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Breed Standard | Davmac Kennels | Should, Strong, Length, Body, May

Breed Standard  | Davmac Kennels | Should, Strong, Length, Body, May

Breed Standard


    Breed Standard of The Jack Russell Terrier

General Appearance

A strong active slimly built working terrier of great character with flexible body of medium length and very strong jaws. A smart mover with keen expression. Tail may be natural length or docked and the coat may be rough, smooth or broken. Temperament shall be bold, fearless or quietly confident. The terrier should present a lively, active and alert appearance.


Skull should be flat and of moderate width, gradually decreasing in width to the eye and tapering to a wide muzzle. There should be a defined stop but not over pronounced. The length from the stop to the nose should be slightly shorter than from the stop to the occuput and cheek muscles should be well developed. Not to be penalised due to battle scars or injuries.




Small and dark with keen expression. Must not be prominent and eyelids should fit closely. The eyelid rims should be pigmented black and the eye should be almond shaped.


Button or dropped of good texture and great mobility.

Jaws and Mouth

Deep, wide and powerful jaws. Big teeth closing to a scissor bite. Tight fitting pigmented lips.


Strong with head carried with poise.


Well sloped back and not heavily loaded with muscle.


When viewed from the front, straight in bone from the point of the shoulder to toes. When viewed from the sides there should be sufficient length of upper arm to ensure forelegs are set underneath the withers. Elbows should be under the body, with prosternum clearly in front of the shoulder blades.


Deep, rather than wide with a good clearance and the brisket located at the height mid way between the ground and the withers.

Body Proportion

The body should be proportioned marginally longer than tall, measuring slightly longer from the withers to the root of the tail, than from the withers to the ground. Back should be strong, straight and level.


Well sprung from the spine then flattening on sides so that the girth, just behind the elbows can be spanned by two hands - 40cm to 43cm.


Short, strong, wide and deeply muscled when viewed from above. Topline slightly arched over loin.


Strong and muscular, balanced in proportion to the shoulder, hind legs parallel when viewed from behind while in free standing position. Stifle well angulated and hocks low set.


Round, hard, padded, not large, toes moderately arched, turned neither in nor out.


True, free and springy.


Should be tight fitting but elastic and pliable, pigment where exposed to the sunlight.


White must predominate with black and/or tan and/or brown markings. Tics of colour acceptable.


May be smooth, broken, or rough. Smooth should be straight, flat, hard, dense and abundant. Broken, hard and wiry, having a broken appearance, free of softness or silkiness. Rough, long and hard wiry topcoat with an undercoat. ALL types of coat must be weatherproof. Must be shown in Natural Coat, no trimming, clipping, plucking or other alterations allowed.


Undocked - As of April 1st 2004.

Weight and Size

For conformation purposes the ideal height is 25cm to 30.5cm (10" to 12"). For working purposes the height may range from 23cm to 34cm (9" to 13.5"). The weight should be the equivalent of approximately 1kg to each 5cm in height ( 1lbs to 1").

Male Dogs

Male dogs should have two apparently normal testicles descended into the scrotum.


Any departure from the above Standard is a fault, but the following should be particularly penalised:

(a) Lack of true terrier characteristics.
(b) Lack of balance i.e.. over exaggeration of any points.
(c) Sluggish or unsound movement.
(d) Faulty mouth.
(e) Aggression.