Our Mini's Cute & Funny Photos

           Bird what bird ? ? ? ?Davmac Katie      I just love that minty taste ! ! Mini Foxie
                Peek - a - boodavmac_sophie    I love you mummy-I love you toosophie__cindy
All this paperwork is sooo boring ! !2007_0623pups011     Give me the duck - no its mine2007_0621pups0080
What you looking at she's with me ! !davmac_jemma__freind.jpg They don't stink - here smell them ! ! !davmac_jemma
          Niceeee bunny ! ! ! ! !1_candybindinugget.jpg             Pucker up mum ! !2007_0430pups069.jpg
 I'm beautiful like my mum aren't I ! !candy_and_puppy.jpg  Wow look at the size of your feet ! ! photos_puppy_01.jpg
                  High five sis ! ! !2007_0430pups019.jpg         Look at me mum no handscandy__nina.jpg
 Mum do you want to know a secret?2007_0430pups0071.jpg  Thanks for the face wash sis ! !2007_0430pups0027.jpg
Don't worry big guy I'll protect youdavmac_jemma__freind_1.jpg   I know I put it under here somewhere!!2005_0214image0006
 I know I'm irresistible but please!2005_0226image14  I love it when my mum cuddles me2007_0426pups0020.jpg
  I love you mummy, I love you too! !2005_0310image18               What I was cold ! !pup_n_boots
                Take that teddy ! !2005_0307image0022                     Say cheese ! !1_not_happy_jan
                         Puppy love2005_0617image009             We are just friends20c5scd
  I do look good in red don't I ! ! !bindi  Ah that sun feels goooood ! ! !1_cindy_sunbaking
 If I don't have puppies soon I will pop1_cindy_on_her_back               Give us a kiss mum1_braeview_saphire__davmac_milo
Hope none of my k9 friends can see mecandy_in_her_hat_1               I hope I'm not dinner ! !dscn0100
 Come on little fella you can make it ! !male_puppy_with_cindy_keeping_watch   Your so big ! ! !       Your so tiny! ! !1_so_tiny
 Hey little guy look where you're going1_watch_out   Yes I'm very comfy thank youbindi
 I think we need a bigger bed guys ! !sharing_the_bed