Our Davmac Bred Mini Foxie Bobtails

Information on Natural Bobtails

Occasionally Mini Foxies are born with Natural Bobtails.
Provided one of parents has a Bobtail.

When one parent has a Bobtail, litters can vary in the tails, from all Bobs to all longs and anywhere in between.  (Some long tails and some Bobtails)
Bobtails vary in length from nothing (a rumpy) to almost 3/4 tails. If you would like to see information on natural bobtails visit this link on wikipedia

Below are photos from some of our litters we have bred over the past years. Photos showing their natural Bobtails.
Davmac Jacob 15 minutes oldcopy_of_2007_1026pups0183.jpg Davmac Jacob 8 weeks old  1_of_jakob
 copy_of_2007_1026pups0182.jpg Davmac Jacob nowcopy_of_2008_0424pups12.jpg
Davmac Misty 15 minutes oldcopy_of_2007_1026pups0185.jpg Davmac Misty 7 weeks old  2007_1215pups0082.jpg
copy_of_2007_1026pups0181.jpg Davmac Misty nowproject01.jpg
Davmac Dominic 10 minutes copy_of_2007_1229pups0001.jpgoldcopy_of_2007_1229pups0002.jpg  Davmac Dominic 7 weeks old2008_0112pups0053dscf8692.jpg

Davmac Dixie 10 minutecopy_of_2007_1229pups0006.jpgs old


Davmac Dixie 7 weeks old2008_0112pups0085.jpg

    Davmac Dixie now2008_1010pups0009.jpg

Davmac Heidi 10 minutes old2008_0326pups0039.jpg2008_0326pups0047.jpg

Davmac Heidi 5 weeks oldcopy_of_2008_0508pups0103.jpg

  Davmac Heidi nowheidi.jpg


Davmac Oscar 10 minutes old



Davmac Oscar 7 weeks oldcopy_of_2008_1121pups0180.jpgcopy_of_2008_1121pups0212.jpg
Davmac Lexie 10 minutes oldcopy_of_2008_1015pups0014.jpgcopy_of_2008_1015pups0012.jpg Davmac Lexie 7 weeks oldcopy_of_2008_1204pups0028.jpgcopy_of_2008_1127pups0078.jpg
Davmac Phoenix 10 minutes old2008_1014pups0011.jpgcopy_of_2008_1014pups0013.jpg

Davmac Phoenix 5 weeks oldcopy_of_2008_1119pups0006.jpg

   Davmac Phoenix nowphoenix_dec09_018.jpg