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Thank You Notes | Davmac Kennels | Him, Have, Like, Judy, Her

Thank You Notes | Davmac Kennels | Him, Have, Like, Judy, Her

Thank You Notes

Hi Judy,

Thankyou so much for our precious girl Davmac Aleta.  We have named her 'Lily'. She is exactly as you described and is extremely loyal.  As you know, it has been a sad few months for us since we lost Jasmine. Lily has been a little ray of sunshine that has come into our lives.  The kids absolutely adore her and she loves playing with them.  She has settled in quite well and has even met Ned (through the screen door).  We will slowly introduce them to each other.  I am sure he will get used to her with time and they will become inseparable.  We would like to thank you Judy for making this such a pleasant experience for us....so many miles away.  We are extremely happy.  I have emailed a photo of Lily from my phone and will definitely keep in touch and keep you updated with Lily's progress.
Many Thanks.
Monique, Mick, Tahlia and Keanan.
 Pictured below Davmac Aleta proudly owned by Monique & Mick Hannans WA
Hi Judy & Grant,
It is a while since you have heard from us - we were talking about how lucky we are to have Max just recently and a friend sent me the photo and I thought you might like to see him.
He has turned out to be a real companion animal.  Will sit around all day in the kitchen (not expecting anything, has been reasonably well trained), or the shed or the garden as long as Graeme or I are tinkering about.  Just loves to hang out.  He loves to walk and chase stuff too (no surprises there).
He has lots of friends in the neighbourhood - sits at the gate and waits for them to go past, give him a scratch.  He is a chick magnet - there are lots of little girls who walk past with their mums and they start calling him a few houses before they get here, just to make sure he is at the gate.
We are lucky to have him.
                    Pictured below Davmac max proudly owned by Donna & Graeme Tumit NSW

Hi Grant & Judy,

The boys are an adsolute delight. They are the best little things & love their walks & run everywhere, but always come back. They have different personalites we call Max 'Mr Neat"a bit like Felix & Oscar from the Odd Couple. Jethro is our sook & just wonderful. They have lots of friends. We keep checking your website & all the new ones coming along they are all lovely.

Hope you have a great New Year.

Bye for now.

Mark & Ruth & Max & Jethro xx  Adaminaby NSW   

Pictured below Davmac Jethro & Davmac Hawkeye proudly owned by Mark & Ruth

Dear Judy & Grant,

Just thought you would like a picture of Holly on her first birthday. She is a very spoilt dog, likes to eat everything including mice, spiders, crickets & everything else that flies or crawls. She also still sucks on her fluffy toys when she goes to sleep, certainly not a dull moment.

Best Wishes

Barbara from Walcha NSW 

   Pictured below Davmac Hayley proudly owned by the Barbara & Jeff

Hi Judy,
Just a quick note to let you know that Axel (Kaiser) has settled in very well. He loves to play with the boys......
He doesn't like travel too much I think because he managed to throw up on me close to Parkes & then wasn't real hungry that night for much.
He's gorgeous & we love him... he is sooooooo spoilt. I'll sent you some photo's as he grows.
Thanks again
  Pictured below Davmac Kaiser proudly owned by the Sharon & Glen Parkes NSW

Hi Judy and Grant

Kopek is happy in his new home with us; He’s become very popular in the neighborhood. One of the reasons my friends like to come round is to see him and watch him wrestle with the cat. He’s had a lot of adventures here like when the time Dad thought he had lost him when he had crawled into a hutch outside.

We also gave him a bath last weekend and by the look on his face he didn’t like it.

I saw the “thank you” notes on your website, Sasha was very happy to see her “art” on the website.

 From Dominic Noble & Kopek (aka Davmac Elvis)

 Pictured below Davmac Elvis proudly owned by the David, Sasha & Dominic Sydney NSW




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